As we know that , handling PDF’S is a common task but loading a PDF in such a efficient way that ensures smooth user experience can be challenging.Through one time PDF loading, PDF document can be load at once and user can reuse that loaded documents across multiple user interactions .In this article we will learn about loading one time PDF in java , its steps of implementation and some main benefits.

Steps of implementation :_

1. Add dependencies.
2. Copy files from drawable and pasted to project drawable.
3. Copy color code.
4. Copy & paste styles.
5. Copy gradles functions.
6. Add internet permissions.
7.Add some layouts.
8. Copy & paste preference file.
9.Copy & paste PDF load java code.


1. It reduces the load time .
2. It enhances the user experience.
3. It improves responsiveness.
4. It reduces the server load.

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